Mission CO-OP

Fight against CPU with friends.


Mission CO-OP is a mode where you fight against CPU with friends.
Missions from the Campaign mode were level designed and arranged only for CO-OP so that players can enjoy with friends. There 8 missions for CO-OP in all where 2-3 players can have fun online.

Participate in various missions around the world with friends
As in the Campaign mode, the missions take place in various places across the real world with variation rich maps and situations such as dogfighting in the air, attacking ground targets, protecting cities, and escorting. Attack helicopter mission is also available.
Team play kicks in when players decide amongst themselves with different types of aircrafts and weapons such as the player who chose the aircraft equipped more for dogfighting will have the role of preventing the enemy aircraft in the air whereas the player who chose the aircraft equipped more for ground attacks will have the role of attacking enemies on the ground. Or, everyone can choose the same aircraft and feel flying in a complete formation.

Attack strong enemy aircrafts in CO-OP using DFM support with teamwork
The enemies that come in the players’ way in CO-OP are stronger than those that come about in the Campaign mode. In addition, there are many enemy ace pilots that appear only in CO-OP mode.
The DFM support kicks into action for those strong enemies that players will not be able to go against alone.
While the player’s ally member is attacking the enemy in close-range using the Dog Fight Mode (DFM), close in to a certain distance. The player will be able to go into DFM against the enemy aircraft quicker than when going into DFM alone. By utilizing DFM support with 2 or 3 aircrafts, there is more chance to attack with concentrated great damage against rapidly flying strong enemies.
Enjoy working in coalition with friends in the chaotic battlefield where allies and enemies fly rapidly around!

Attack huge enemy ground troops using ASM support!
Like in DFM, players can use the same style for the Air Strike Mode (ASM) fighting against huge enemy ground troops.
When the player initiates ASM support when an ally has started ASM, they can enter the attack course right behind the ally. Up to 3 aircrafts can attack close to the ground one after the other, bombarding enemy ground forces at once.