Ace Combat Assault Horizon introduces the revolutionary “CLOSE-RANGE ASSAULT” game play system.

"Close-range Assault” represents the core gameplay mechanic of ASSAULT HORIZON, introducing dramatically enhanced up-close action and shooter-centric game play, and incorporating a state-of-the-art cinematic camera system for a thrilling visual experience.

Once you’ve experienced the excitement of "Close-range Assault", there's no turning back.

Give chase, engaging the enemy in a twisting mach-speed pursuit through towering skyscrapers. Or take to the expansive skies, outmaneuvering your prey in a battle of sheer adrenaline and skill, where the hunter becomes the hunted. Finally, go in for the kill with a hailstorm of machine gun fire, shattering the enemy's wings in an explosion of black oil, flames and scorching debris. "Close-Range Assault" is the realization of intensely cinematic high-speed battles and engaging shooter gameplay.

• "Close-Range Assault" (CRA) is the key to eliminating a skilled enemy pilot capable of avoiding long-range missile fire. Closing in on the enemy aircraft from behind will engage CRA, initiating a close-range battle against the nimble opponent.

During CRA, keeping the enemy within the "Assault Circle", displayed in the center of the HUD, increases missile tracking capability, and consequently, the chances of tagging the enemy with a missile. However, successfully tracking an enemy pilot is a true test of player skill.

Machine gun fire also plays an important role in taking down skilled enemy pilots. A well-placed bullet storm of heavy-caliber fire can be utilized to slow a quick moving target, and set them up for an "Assault Circle" kill.

• Having successfully downed an enemy with CRA, the player can revel in the gratifying destruction shown using close-up and missile cameras, as well as a multitude of additional cinematic camera effects including slow motion. Players may also witness enemy pilots being flung from their aircraft at the moment of destruction, and even hear an aircraft’s death throes as the metal twists and yields under the attack.

Keeping the enemy within the "Assault Circle" provides the additional benefit of drastically increasing the player's destructive firepower. Players skilful enough to read enemy movements will be able to snare one aircraft after another in the claws of the "Assault Circle", exterminating entire squadrons. The satisfaction of transforming into the terror of the skies is addictive.

CRA is instantly accessible to newcomers, but maintains a finely balanced learning curve to ensure the gratifying sense of speed and destruction increases as the practiced player becomes an ever more formidable pilot.

• CRA features countless dramatic gameplay sequences, such as enemy aircraft impacting a towering line of skyscrapers, sending a mountain of debris crashing toward the player. However, with quick reflexes, cool nerves and tight piloting skills, the player can survive these sequences and remain in mach-speed pursuit of their target.

• Players caught in a CRA may also attempt to lure the enemy in, opening a chance for a "Counter Maneuver". A prompt will appear when the precise distance from the target is achieved, allowing a quick-reacting player to perform a Cobra or other acrobatic reversals, putting them in position behind the pursuer for a devastating counterattack. This split second struggle introduces an exciting new level of gameplay to ACE COMBAT.

*In addition to "Dogfight" game play, CRA also features "Air Strike" game play for attacking warships, armored units, bases and other ground targets. Please look out for additional details about "Air Strike" and "Close-Range Assault" coming soon.